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pediatric surgery department, faculty of medicine,

SAMEH SHEHATA,Prof Sameh Shehata is working as professor and chairman of pediatric surgery department, faculty of medicine, university of Alexandria, Egypt. He is the current president of the Egyptian association of pediatric surgeons EPSA. Dr. Shehata has a wide international activity in the field of pediatric surgery; he is the vice president of the WOFAPS, and the cochairman of the IPEG middle east chapter. Dr. Shehata has given over 150 lectures both nationally and internationally and was invited as a guest lecture in many national associations congresses. He is the innovator of the technique of laparoscopic traction for the intra-abdominal testis know as Shehata technique that is widely practiced now in many centers worldwide. Dr. Shehata is the founder of the largest online pediatric surgery forum (The pediatric surgeon’s lounge) where over 1500 pediatric surgeons around the world are discussing and exchanging experience every day. Dr. Shehata is among the editorial board of many national and international pediatric surgery journals including the JPS, PSI and international journal of urology.

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